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3 Tips to Organize Your Closet

The process of cleaning out your closet can feel like a big task, especially if the closet is overflowing with items that have piled up over the years. Sometimes, just thinking about it can feel so overwhelming that the task is pushed off indefinitely. If you haven’t been able to make the most of the space in your closet, we’ve got good news. With a solid action plan and extra room to work with, you can have an organized closet in no time.

Donate, Donate, Donate

As you clean out your closet, you’ve probably never realized just how much stuff you have. Whether it’s a Halloween costume from three years ago or the fancy dress that no longer fits, it might not make sense to hang onto it any longer. As you go through each item, consider if you’ve worn it within the last year. Chances are if you haven’t, it’s not something you will get much more use out of. If it’s still in good condition, consider making a donation bag to give to Goodwilll, Salvation Army, or someone else that can get more use out of it.


It’s easy to hang onto an expensive or special item even if you don’t wear it. Sometimes you are better off selling the item and using the money to find something you will get some use out of. Plus, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. Consider setting aside all the items you want to sell in a separate area and capture the items in clean, crisp photos to make an attractive listing.

Storage Unit

As you take inventory of your closet, chances are you will come across items you want to keep but don’t have an immediate use for. Consider using a storage space to help store these items you don’t need right now. This way, you can remove all the clutter and get more closet space. With City Crate, we transfer your items to a secure storage facility and deliver them back whenever you need. Your items will be stored in a space that’s secured 24/7 and closed to the public for maximum security.

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