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5 Ways to Use Storage to Declutter Your Home

Sending your items to storage can help when you’re going through a life transition, downsizing, moving, remodeling, and decluttering. It can be a good feeling to create more space in your home, especially if you’re getting tired of watching the boxes stack and the things pile up in the garage or basement.

Here are 5 ways you can use City Crate pickup and storage to easily declutter your home:

1. Items to Sell

As you’re decluttering your home, you may come across a lot of items you don’t have a use for but don’t want to throw away. Consider consolidating everything to a storage unit to sell at a later date, possible online or at a yard sale. City Crate does the heavy lifting for you to transport these items to a secure storage facility and delivers them back when you’re ready to sell.

2. Momentos

There’s a good chance you will come across sentimental you want to keep, even after your home is decluttered. From baby photos, sentimental toys, or precious albums you don’t want to part with. These are perfect items to be kept safely in a small storage unit, like our 5’ x 5’ closet sized unit, to be protected from damage or loss.

3. Holiday and Seasonal Items

Do you have winter sporting gear, patio furniture, Christmas decorations, or other seasonal items that are not needed all year? Rather than cramming these in a closet or stacking them in your garage, you can have them delivered to a secure storage unit, ready for you when the season comes back around.

4. Paperwork

Papers, documents, receipts, and records can pile up quickly since you want to keep them for later use. From medical records to tax documents to pay stubs, these documents need somewhere to live until they can be shredded or thrown away. When your space is limited and the stacks of paper are taking over, a storage space comes in handy. Your file cabinets and boxes of paperwork can be sent to a City Crate storage space rather than crammed in your garage or basement where they can easily get lost. Your important documents can be secured and stored away without cluttering up your everyday living space. City Crate spaces are secured 24/7 and closed to the public for the utmost security.

5. Furniture & Appliances

Whether you have downsized or just have extra pieces of large furniture or appliances, sending them to a storage space can free up that extra square footage in your home. You can store them to save for your college-aged kids when they are ready to move out, or if you plan to move into a larger home in the future. Either way, storing them away safely will free up more space in your home. Looking for some extra space?

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