Affordable storage from $25/month

You Don't Need to Be
an Astronaut to Get
Some Space
Find The Right
Storage Plan
By itemup to 35 lbs/item$25/item
Closet5' x 5'$99
Garage5' x 10'$139
Studio Plan10' x 10'$229
Apartment Plan10' x 20'$429

*rates based on min of 6 months storage

How It Works
  • We Pick It Up

    We do all the heavy lifting for you and
    transport your items to our secure
    storage facility.

  • We Store It

    We store your items in a secure
    facility, guarded 24/7 and closed to
    the public

  • We Bring It Back

    Go online and schedule a delivery
    and we'll meet you at your doorstep
    with the items you want back.

Need to Know

Return deliveries are subject to
availability and require 48-hour notice.

Appointments canceled or rescheduled
with less than 48-hour notice are
charged a $100 fee.

Labor for pick-ups and deliveries starts
at $35.00 per mover, per hour with a one
hour minimum.

*Prices vary depending on minimum
storage term.

Store with Confidence!

Our facilities store military and government
goods and are therefore being monitored
and inspected by the DOD and operated to
the highest standards.

Our storage facilities are managed with a
very basic philosophy: store it safe & dry
and make sure everything comes out in the
same condition it went in.

Our storage practices

24 Hour security and monitoring

Individual storage bins, (no two shipments
are ever mixed)

No walking or carry, your unit will be
brought to your truck

Itemized inventory list, including condition
and tagging services

On site help upon request

Sprinkler and fire prevention program

All of our facilities are military and
government approved for storing by
government employees.

Easy access to Major Highways.

All locations are in major urban areas and
very easy to find

Free Parking